Food Guide For Cats

Homemade And Healthy Recipes For Your Cat, Makes For A Happier Cat Who Often Miss Out On Their Required Nutrients In Bought And Commercial Cat Foods. Paying 50% Commissions.


The Good Food Guide For Cats : Purrfect Homemade Cat Food Recipes Your Cat Will Love You With These Purrfect Homemade Cat Food Recipes We have all heard the “horror stories” about all the tainted cat food on the market. We are also all aware of the poor quality ingredients in commercial, store bought, cat food. Poor nutritional foods can rob your cat of its health, its energy, and its life itself. Homemade cat food recipes can be your saviour! IF YOU LOVE YOUR CAT YOU MUST READ ON… "You Are What You Eat" AND THE SAME GOES FOR YOUR CAT Yes... it's a fact What you feed your cat can actually… Add to the length of your cats life Cause your cat to be happier, more playful, more loving, more attentive Improve your cats health & energy Improve your cats brain power & intelligence Allow your cat to live disease free… heal much faster… have an amazing immune system. Prevent everyday problems Add to your cats quality of life Even affect your cats personality Turn your cat into a more affectionate, involved, interested, family member Your cats nutrition is so important For the sake of your cat Stop relying on store bought cat food Remember... commercially produced cat food, that is sold in stores, is made by big corporations... for only one reason... PROFIT. PROFIT, PROFIT No government agency tests the food for cats, nor verifies that what is printed on the label is actually what is in the can, pouch or bag. They never test if it gets mixed with any contaminates along the processing, how old, or rotting, the ingredients were before they were added… or if is even healthy… or actually damaging to your cat. It’s all just in the name of profit, you know. So… if you were the commercial manufacturer… only interested in the absolute highest of profits… knowing that no one is inspecting… what would you be tempted to put into your cat food? After all, no one would ever know. Commercial cat food is usually made of the cheapest waste by-products (stuff that would make you throw up if you saw it being added) of the manufacturing process of other things produced at other plants… disgusting waste parts they would normally be throwing away if they were not going to put it into cat food to help fill the can so cheaply, and save money. And if the manufacturers can ever find cheaper, more repulsive, filler items to use in their non inspected cat food, they would. Can you even imagine how much further this goes in cat food manufactured in foreign countries that is then shipped into this country for sale, because it is even cheaper from overseas? STOP FEEDING YOUR LOVING CAT THAT ABSOLUTE HEALTH & LIFE ROBBING GARBAGE Introducing "The Good Food Guide For Cats" It’s an absolute “must have“ for every loving cat owner Vital information that every cat owner must have. Your cats very life just might depend on it. Using this wonderful guide.... A little of the super healthy ingredients that you feed the other loved members of your family daily now also goes to make kitty super healthy. After all Isn't kitty also a much loved member of your family? Home Cooking For Your Cat Is Both Fun & Healthy This is the most important guide you will ever read on feeding your cat the most healthy and nutritious homemade foods. Learn the convenient, easy, secrets of preparing homemade cat food recipes that are so easy to make, delicious, unbelievably healthy, and actually delightfully inexpensive too. Make it so economically from the same high quality ingredients that you purchase for your families grocery shopping. IF YOU LOVE YOUR CAT THEN YOU MUST HAVE THIS BOOK This is the guide that your cat would want you to own. THE GUIDE CONTAINS Over 40 pages of delightfully healthy Homemade cat food recipes … So healthy and… Delightfully enticing for even the most finicky eaters. WHAT’S INSIDE THIS GUIDE? It's jam packed with useful information necessary for cat lovers The full information about your cats nutritional requirements All the information about all the benefits for your cat… of making your own cat food. Simple, easy to, follow step-by-step instructions for making your own healthy & delicious cat food. The entire process of making, storing, and handling homemade cat food. Why homemade cat food is so nutritious for your cat. HERE ARE JUST A FEW SAMPLE RECIPES FROM INSIDE THE BOOK Kitty Casserole Kitty Meatballs Zesty Sprouts Tuna Cakes Feline Stir Fry Salmon Surprise Chicken Ala Kitty King Heavenly Hash Catnip Crunchies, and Chicken Bits Green Beans and Carrot Carrots Chicken Stew Crunchies Liver Snaps Beefy Omlette From over 40 pages of recipes in all AND HERE ARE JUST A FEW SAMPLE CAT TREAT RECIPES FROM INSIDE THE BOOK Tuna Treat Catnip tea Kitty Cookies Glazed Chicken Munchers Cat Nog Cheese Treats Because we feel strongly that every cat should be fed a diet of fresh and healthy food, we are providing a 50% discount on this book for the first 100 cat owners that order this book. Order now for immediate download of this ebook in digital format. Look What A Leading Melbourne Cat Vet Said Regarding This Book... "Thank you for the copy of your manuscript entitled “The Good food guide for cats”. It is a very well thought out and educational read and contains several recipes I know my cats will love. As we discussed, feeding cats a balanced diet is critical to health & longevity. Due to cats complex evolutionary diet requirements, feeding a pure homemade diet can be problematic. Cat owners need to be fully informed on all aspects of Veterinary and dietary care for their cat to ensure adequate health care. Your book is a very useful guide to home prepared feeding choices for cat owners to give their cat a healthy addition to their regular commercial foods. As mentioned, cat’s dietary requirements are highly evolved and they have much more stringent nutritional requirements than many species. These are essential additions to their diet that they have lost the ability to form themselves that they would ordinarily consume from a natural diet. Commercial diets have been specifically formulated to meet or exceed these requirements, something even the most precisely prepared homemade diet may fail to do. This could lead to unintentionally owner induced health problems for their beloved cat. It is for this reason that we recommend a balanced and varied diet for all our patients at The Cat Clinic. This should consist of some high quality commercial diets of dry or wet formulations. Additional to this, we encourage fresh meats and homemade foods. Your book provides a perfect guide for owners to do this, creating yummy healthy recipes to tempt and treat their cats with." Kind regards Dr. Richard Gowan BVSc (hons) MACVSc (Feline Medicine) CMAVA The Cat Clinic – Melbourne. FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME WE WILL ALLOW ONLY THE NEXT 47 PURCHASERS AT A 50% Discount TO PRACTICALLY STEAL THIS eBOOK DON'T DELAY! YOU MUST ACT RIGHT NOW Don't put it off until later You know that you will only get busy with something else, and forget THIS IS JUST TOO IMPORTANT TO YOUR CATS HEALTH TO RISK FORGETTING. You will not find another book of such high quality offering homemade cat food recipes anywhere. 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